Business Compass

Business Compass

A Revolutionary, AI-based Search Tool

Avata Business Compass is a revolutionary, AI-based search tool for enterprises. Using a conversational interface — either hosted on an internal network or in the cloud — an employee asks for the information required. Using proprietary natural language processing technology for Deep Document Understanding (DDU), Avata Business Compass will respond with only the relevant information
from among thousands of documents. The system understands context and will ask for additional information as needed to retrieve accurate and concise answers, quickly. It’s easy, highly-efficient, and the next-generation of search, as you’ve never imagined it.

For example, a Sales Rep requires an immediate answer to a complex regulatory question about samples. Rather than a typical search, requiring the Rep to look through literally thousands of references to “samples,” Avata Business Compass asks a couple of clarifying questions, then immediately delivers the precise section of text from amongst thousands of documents to answer the Rep’s question.

It could also be used by management to, for example, segment all contracts that deal with a specific product in a specific region.

Critical Benefits to Enterprise Operations

Consistency: Business Compass ensures consistent answers to important questions. Rather than relying on different sources and verbal answers, this AI solution provides consistent, accurate answers.

Efficiency: Rather than many people wasting valuable time trying to track down information from multiple sources and departments, team members can quickly and easily get the information they need, with proven time savings.

Continual Improvement: With usage and key metric tracking, Business Compass allows you to improve internal policies and procedures. With an AI-enhanced understanding of the most frequently requested information, you’ll have a unique overview of daily operations… and what can be done to refine them.

Proven Return on Investment: Avata continues to study the amount of time spent searching, using control groups versus Business Compass. The early results — with more to come — indicate a clear return on investment in most cases.

Fast & Easy Implementation: Perhaps most importantly, Avata Business Compass is easy to implement (and even easier to use), and can be integrated into nearly any data infrastructure, whether installed on an internal network, or securely hosted by Avata.

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