Artificial Intelligence for Wildlife Protection

Many challenges face wildlife populations today, from the threat of extinction to the effects of climate change on habitats. AVA, Avata Intelligence’s innovative AI-as-a-Service, uses artificial intelligence to assist global wildlife conservation agencies in their fight to protect vulnerable and endangered species.

Our AI solution was tested in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.  The reserve spans 1,900 kilometers, and with only 79 Wildlife Rangers to patrol the entire reserve, each ranger is responsible for 24 kilometers per patrol. Patrol commanders must generate patrols to maximize results within a wide variety of constraints.

AVA was used to learn poacher behavior and arrange security patrols in unanticipated sequences. The resulting data was integral in optimizing the reach of the wildlife rangers while adversely keeping poachers from determining patterns in coverage or conceiving plans to exploit weaknesses.  Avata’s AI-as-a-Service helped maximize efforts where limited resources were available.

Protecting our planet’s biodiversity means everything to us here at Avata. We are excited to help our clients catalyze the positive change they want to see in the world. Contact Avata Intelligence today for a no-obligation demo of our AVA for wildlife solution.