Artificial Intelligence for Public Safety & Defense

When local or national security hangs in the balance, you need an AI solution that integrates your intelligence into one easy-to-use, flexible interface and offers real-time, tactical recommendations on where and how to deploy resources.

Avata Intelligence’s AVA provides organizations of all sizes with the full portfolio of AI capabilities required to streamline critical data and make optimal decisions in competitive and evolving environments. As users provide feedback, AVA becomes smarter, updating tactical recommendations in real-time. The result is an intuitive AI solution that consolidates your information, coordinates your organizational analytics, and offers proactive suggestions on how to protect your infrastructure.

All your data, all your analytics in one place.  No prior AI development experience necessary.

AVA combines the best of human intelligence with artificial intelligence to make recommendations so your organization is always one step ahead of crime.  We facilitate crime prevention, detection, and response by allowing you to drive your organization and your adversary’s actions in ways favorable to your objectives.

Featured Modules in AVA:


Visualize, overlay, and compare multiple datasets, allowing for deeper insights into the connectivity behind complex and seemingly unrelated events

Social Monitoring

Real-time context and sentiment-based natural language processing analysis across diverse media streams including social media channels, news feeds, events and more


Receive strategies tailored to your organizational goals; behavior analysis and incident patterns assist decision-makers and provide real-time situational support and tactical planning

Advanced Analytics

Discover how past crime, the environment, and organizational decisions relate to current events; unearth new trends and solutions through prescriptive analysis driven by AI

GPS & Officer Statistics

Maintain constant vigilance of resources deployed in the field through GPS tracking and individual performance analysis

Reports & Trends

Customize and distribute detailed reports – featuring statistics  and ongoing trends – throughout your organization

Avata’s AVA for Public Safety & Defense complements the skills of your analysts with dynamic updates and situational awareness. Your organizational limitations should never restrain your ability to protect and to serve. Contact Avata Intelligence today for a no-obligation demo of AVA.