Artificial Intelligence for Insurance

Conservative estimates suggest insurance fraud costs the industry upwards of $80 billion a year.  To combat this loss, Avata Intelligence introduces AVA, our holistic AI solution to help you track fraud at the micro level and assist in combating false compensation claims.

Our platform uses AVA’s full portfolio of AI capabilities to break down claims by attributes, including but not limited to gender, age, height, weight, location of incident, type of claim, etc.  AVA retrieves relevant information from local databases, as well as global statistics for similar incidents.  Based on both local and global analysis, our AI-as-a-Service develops metrics for understanding claim risks and offers recommendations on how to handle ongoing claims.  

AVA can help fraud analysts visualize global trends in claims, risks associated with claim types, and how claims look between cities, regions, and states.  AVA identifies factors influencing validity of claims, then determines how best to allocate resources to address ongoing claims and forecast what future claims might be expected through standard course of business.

AVA is your comprehensive AI solution for combating fraud and stabilizing soaring healthcare premiums. Contact Avata Intelligence today for a no-obligation demo of our AVA solution for insurance fraud.