Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

Cyber systems and physical infrastructure are becoming increasingly connected. However, this integration has exacerbated the security challenge.  An attack on a cyber network may be used to gain physical access to a secured environment. Similarly, a lapse in physical security may grant physical access to an enterprise network, exposing major vulnerabilities.

Risk assessment, hazard prediction and real-time response for enhanced decision-making

AVA, Avata Intelligence’s flexible AI-as-a-Service, helps customers protect their cyber-physical enterprise by providing a holistic cyber-physical AI solution.  AVA uniquely understands the interplay between different cyber threats and physical vulnerabilities, and the consequences of a cyber-physical attack. As a plug-and-play AI solution, AVA integrates with APIs in both physical and cyber domains, equipping decision-makers with strategic goal-directed actions.

Unlike other solutions, AVA counteracts the presence of intelligent adversaries by first aggregating all cyber-physical threats, then reasons over and deploys resources to address diverse scenarios playing out in real-time. As a result, AVA’s analysis can construct the most robust strategies to minimize risk exposure from myriad possible threats.

In the cyber-physical space, AVA has proven to be invaluable in its capacity to streamline data and optimize asset protection strategies.  Contact Avata Intelligence today for a no-obligation demo of AVA for cyber.