Avata Intelligence introduces AVA, an intuitive plug-and-play AI solution providing data-driven results and better decisions.  AVA is the highly sophisticated and surprisingly affordable AI-as-a-Service with the approachable feel.  An AI solution for novice and expert alike.

AVA offers a full portfolio of state-of-the-art AI capabilities and provides strategic recommendations for action.  As you provide feedback, AVA gets smarter, giving you invaluable knowledge based on what is really happening in the world.

Stay one step ahead with forward-recommendations powered by AI.  While we can help almost anyone make better decisions, we specialize in the specific applications listed below.  Contact Avata Intelligence today for a no-obligation assessment of how AVA can benefit your organization.


An attack on a cyber network can expose sensitive financial records, as well as vulnerabilities in a physical environment.  By aggregating all cyber-physical threats, AVA constructs robust strategies to minimize risk exposure.


Better data and better decisions mean better insurance.  AVA monitors external data sources (demographics, global illness statistics, etc.) and leverages that information to detect fraud and other conditions influencing the world’s health.

Media Monitoring

AVA’s pipeline streamlines posts, trends, news, current events, and other globally available data. By merging all your social intelligence within a single channel, AVA augments your ability to truly understand how world events influence you.

Public Safety & Defense

Combining the best of human and machine intelligence to make safety & security recommendations, AVA optimizes crime prevention, detection, and response.  Remain one step ahead of crime.


Our world needs innovative solutions to protect against poaching and the extinction of species.  Avata Intelligence is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI to safeguard our biodiversity for generations to come.

Custom Solutions

When the needs of your organization don’t fit in a box, our flexible AI-as-a-Service helps you solve unique challenges. We work with you to customize a solution to achieve your goals.