Deliver More Effective Operations

Avata Intelligence provides services to help enterprises rapidly infuse AI technology into any aspect of their operations. Our solutions are built around machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, decision theory, game theory, and optimization techniques. Leveraging the right techniques for each problem, we believe in healthy communication and a highly collaborative process to deliver our clients the best possible product. A strong partnership is the bedrock of success and, by harnessing the power of AI, we’ll work towards overcoming your challenges together.

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Proper Production Infrastructure

Built around your organizations compute resources



Best-in-Class Data Integration and Management
  • Work with databases (SQL, NoSQL), flat files, APIs, and streaming services
  • Custom data scrapers to collect external data sources such as social media
  • Custom data collection mechanisms into your application to collect new data


Full Spectrum of AI Techniques


Classification Clustering Prediction
Sentiment Analysis Question Answering Tagging
Information Retrieval Document Summarizing Translation
Planning Recommendation Logistics
Risk Analysis Competitive Analysis