Simplify Your Work

An entirely new breed of AI assistant capable of cognitive search to allow you to intelligently leverage your information and knowledge-base to get the answers you are looking for… at a speed never before possible.

Meet Ask Avata

Search Becomes Intelligent

Finding the right information when you need it most can often be difficult and frustrating. That’s why we developed Ask Avata, an AI assistant and Chatbot that understands all the information in your company and allows you to simply ask for the answers you need.

What is Avata?

Ask Avata is a new generation of cognitive search and question answering delivered as an AI assistant. You can Ask Avata via web, mobile, and the internal tools you are most familiar with such as Slack, Skype, web browsers, SMS, and more – making it easy to find the answers you need wherever you are. Using natural language, simply Ask Avata for documents, data, or answers to specific questions you have.

How it Works

Avata integrates with your information systems (CRMs, HRMs, data lakes, document repositories, knowledge management systems, etc.) and brings you cognitive search through conversational AI between you and your internal systems and documents. By merging machine learning, natural language processing & understanding, and vertical customization, our proven cognitive search radically improves the way you retrieve information. Ask Avata answers questions the same way you would if you looked up the information yourself.

Let’s Get Started

Avata’s advanced team of AI specialists and engineers is committed to rapid integrations. They’ll work with an IT team to seamlessly integrate Avata’s AI Assistant on top of an existing information infrastructure as an AI overlay, safely and securely. Each implementation is customized to the client’s needs. And in most cases, pilots are up and running in 8-weeks or less.


Getting Questions Answered

Avata is helping large enterprises—from USC to Big Pharma—save time, increase profits and drive operational efficiency.

Intelligent Advantage

Bringing Order to Information


When you Ask Avata, you ensure consistent answers to important questions. Rather than relying on different sources and verbal answers, Avata’s AI assistant provides consistent, accurate answers.


Rather than many people wasting valuable time trying to track down information from multiple sources and departments, team members can quickly and easily get the information they need, with proven time savings.

Continual Improvement

With usage and key metric tracking, Avata allows you to improve internal information, policies, and procedures. With an AI-enhanced understanding of the most frequently requested information, you’ll have a unique overview of daily operations… and what can be done to refine them.

Return on Investment

Avata continues to study the amount of time spent searching, using control groups versus Asking Avata. The early results — with more to come — indicate a clear return on investment.

Easy Implementation

Avata’s next generation AI assistant and cognitive search engine are easy to implement (and even easier to use), and can be integrated into nearly any data infrastructure, whether installed internally or securely hosted by Avata.

8 Weeks to Prototype

Avata will begin operating from the moment it is installed and improve over time through normal usage via the web application, mobile application, or tool integrations. There is no need to spend costly resources transferring information into a new knowledge management system or initial time training the system.

Upgrade Your Enterprise Intelligence

Avata’s highly experienced team can help you rapidly pilot Ask Avata — often within 8 weeks and can deploy custom Chatbots that are seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. No more wasting time searching for answers, simplify your work and Ask Avata.

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