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Avata Intelligence brings practical Artificial Intelligence solutions to the operational challenges of today’s modern business

Insights, better decisions, efficiency

Artificial Intelligence that works!

Avata’s mature software products use machine learning, natural language processing, game theory, and data integration in order to find new opportunities, gain insights, and help leaders make better decisions. Avata’s deep commitment to tailoring and rapidly integrating solutions to the client’s needs make them a unique AI provider.

Avata’s highly experienced team can mount proof-of-concept solutions rapidly — on average just 8 weeks — and can deploy a custom AI backbone that is seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing infrastructure.

  • AI Infrastructure Design
  • Solution Consultation
  • Custom Product Development
  • Education Seminars & Employee Training
  • Prototyping & Testing

Integrated AI

to deliver operational efficiency, new opportunities, and insights

Fast & Easy

prototyping… usually within 8 weeks!

World-Class Team

of AI professionals obsessively dedicated to our clients’ success


return on investment


Avata Business Compass™

A revolutionary,
AI-based search tool for enterprises… with a proven return on investment.

Avata Business Compass is a revolutionary, AI-based search tool for enterprises. Using a conversational interface — either hosted on an internal network or in the cloud — an employee asks for the information required. Using proprietary natural language processing technology for Deep Document Understanding (DDU), Avata Business Compass will respond with only the relevant information from among thousands of documents. The system understands context and will ask for additional information as needed to retrieve accurate and concise answers, quickly. It’s easy, highly-efficient, and the next-generation of search, as you’ve never imagined it.

A tested solution with a proven return on investment

Allows you to see what info your team requests, allowing you to continually improve operations

Avata Business Compass is fast and easy to implement, on your server or in the cloud

More efficient with time, from the requesting party to the various departments that need to answer


Provide consistent, accurate answers to important questions

Available today in Beta and perfect for enterprise operations, including Sales & Marketing, Logistics, Legal & Compliance, HR and general employee process use


Empowering Organizations through AI